Bailiffs and Council Tax

Never let a bailiff in to your home that is trying to collect council tax. Bailiffs employed by a local authority to collect council tax have no right of entry to your home. They cannot break their way in, entry has to be peaceable (invited in by the debtor or through unlocked door / window).

If you ask them to leave they need to. You do not need to pay the bailiff for your council tax. You can always pay the money they are trying to collect direct to the local authority (always cheaper and they can't refuse payment). If you pay money to a bailiff trying to collect council tax they will take their fees first and then pass on what little left to the local authority. If by any chance a bailiff was let in to your home and completes a ‘walk in possession’ do not sign it. If the walk in possession is not signed then it is not valid. Once a walk in possession is signed and an arrangement is made the only way to not to pay the bailiff the money agreed upon is to apply to have the bailiffs warrant suspended on grounds of financial hardship by the local magistrate court. for detailed advice or bailiff emergency situations contact us here