Changes to Bailiff Law

#Debtline blog: On the 6th April 2014 Bailiff legislation is changing.

  • They will now be known as enforcement agents.
  • Enforcement agents will be required to give you 7 days notice before they attend your home and when they do attend they will have to leave a letter explaining the process.
  • Enforcement agents still cannot break in, neither can they push or wedge the door open with their foot
  • They can use force if the debt is Criminal or from the HMRC.
  • If a bailiff has been into your home and listed goods and you have signed the form (was known as walk in possession but now controlled goods agreement) then the bailiff can use force to enter if you do not pay as agreed .
  • Enforcement agents will no longer be able to gain entry through an open window.
  • They will no longer be allowed to enter a home if only children an vulnerable adults are inside.
  • Enforcement agents can still take goods but the list of exempt goods is now more realistic including washing machine, fridge, microwave, phone etc.
  • The item needed to care for a child, disabled or older person can no longer be removed 
  • There is added protection for items used for studying.
  • Cars can be clamped on a public road and towed after two hours but vehicles used by a disabled person to get around can no longer be taken .
  • They have a new power to lock goods in a cupboard or room to stop the goods from being removed before the debt is paid. This will include the clamping of a car on a drive or in a garage.
  • There is a new simpler fee structure which will make harder to be over charged; however as a result the initial charges will probably be higher

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