County Court Judgement

# Debtline

It can be a shock when you receive a a claim form from the County Court and the forms can be daunting to tackle.

A CCJ (County Court Judgement) is a way of taking court action to ensure you pay an outstanding amount owed to an individual or company. This usually takes place after all other methods of recovering the money have been exhausted.

Ignoring the claim form can result in judgement by default and can lead to further action being taken the main ones being Attachment of Earnings, Charging Order or Bailiffs. If you respond to the the claim and make an offer of repayment and pay the amount offered (unless you dispute the debt) the chances are that no further action will be taken.

If you have have received a CCJ in the past but never responded to it you can do this by either making an offer of repayment on court form N245 or try to have the judgment set aside through the court form N244. There is a cost involved in submitting forms late, if you have a low income the court can sometimes waiver these cost or reduce them but you need to fill out an EX160 form (available from our download library) and supply proof of your income.

If you need more advice on this or any type of debt contact the Twinpier #debtline