Gas and Electric Debts

#debtline #debtdebate (blog)  has reported; "Couple’s shock as British Gas breaks into home, replaces meter ... and changes the locks. A new low for customer service?  This was a shock as they had been paying their bills, 
Unbeknown to them, British Gas had failed to change over the details for the gas and electricity account at the address from the previous tenant".

"A week ago I got a bill from BG for 320 quid. It was just after xmas so I couldn’t afford to pay it. I was given 5 days to pay early to qualify for a discount. This I could not do. I received another letter ‘Final Notice’ pay half now or phone us to arrange payment or we will get a warrant to cut you off.
I phoned them up, and now they are saying that I must pay the whole £320 in full, or they will cut me off. No payment plan, no arrangement, just simply pay everything in full or else. I've explained that in a fortnight, I was intending to pay the full bill when I got paid, but they refused to budge" (consumer action group)

Are  you being threatened by a utility company, do you have old utility bills that you cannot pay contact Twinpier  for advice.