The Bank of Gran and Grandad

Have you asked your family to lend you money. More than one in three over-65s have helped pay off debts of more than £2,000 for children or teenage grandchildren, the research from MetLife shows.
As many as 17 per cent of the over-45s have helped out their teenage children – and this proportion doubles for over-65s helping out adult children and teenage grandchildren.

Of the 32million Britons with existing unsecured borrowing such as credit cards, overdrafts or loans, as many as nine million will move further into the red to cope this year, the poll from MoneySupermarket found. 
Furthermore two-fifths of people in debt are forced to rely on credit in order to pay their way day-to-day, be it a credit card, personal loan, overdraft, store card or finance agreement. 

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