New Bailiffs Powers come into force

New bailiffs rules come into force on on 6 April 2014 and follow the Ministry of Justice consultation on the debt collection industry last year.

They are part of a wider package of reforms to the Tribunals, Courts & Enforcement Act 2007.

·     A ban on bailiffs entering homes at night and from using physical force against debtors.

·     Bailiffs will also be prevented from entering homes when only children are present, and from taking household essentials such as washing machines.

·      Ban landlords from using bailiffs to seize property for residential rent debts without going to court first

·      Introduce mandatory training and certification for bailiffs

·      Ensure vulnerable people get assistance and that bailiffs are trained to recognise them

·      Introduce clearer rules detailing when a bailiff can enter a property and what goods they can take

·      Bring in restrictions on when bailiffs can sell goods

·      Require bailiffs to tell the court the likely means of entry, goods involved and amount of force required before a warrant is granted to force entry, as well as provide details of how the premises will be left in a secure state afterwards

·      Force bailiffs to give seven days' notice before taking possessions, unless they have specific permission from a court

·      Introduce fixed fees, ending the ability of bailiffs to add excessive charges to the amount debtors had to pay

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